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Unified Communication
"Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) describes the combination of communications and collaboration technologies."
In Today's World, Workforce roles are becoming more varied, and workers more widespread geographically, collaboration becomes more challenging than ever and more important.
Many organizations today have a mix of multi-vendor communication and collaboration solutionss – from instant messaging, conferencing, email and unified messaging to team collaboration and voice calling. This leaves IT teams struggling with multiple interfaces and integration points between tools to deliver the seamless "work anywhere" experience users expect.
UCC merges these multiple tools with presence behind a single user interface – easily accessible from almost any device and virtually anywhere – to increase personal productivity "and business efficiency in ways" no single tool ever could.
UCC is the integration of real-time communication services such as Instant Messaging (Chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, data sharing (including web connected electronic whiteboards aka IWB's or Interactive White Boards), call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).
Solutions Offerings as follow :
VOIP (Voice over IP)  
IP PBX Solutions  
Unified Messaging  
Mobility Solutions
Collaboration Solutions

Converge Network (Voice +Video + Data)  
IM – Instant Messaging  
Enterprise Social Software  
Mobile Application  

UCC Solutions enable you:
Ease access to multiple tools via a single, consistent user interface  
Deliver capabilities to a range of wired and wireless devices  
Preserve investments with a hybrid approach  
Adopt new capabilities more quickly  
Faster, expertise-based decisions  
Improved customer engagement  
Speed business processes and improve operational effectiveness  
Reduce travel, telephony, and other collaboration-related expenses  
"Businesses are more agile when employees can find the right people with the right information at the right time."
IP Contact Center -IPCC
TAS Technologies provides Communication Solutions for all kinds of Contact Centers and Enterprises. These solutionss are based on innovative technologies which are designed to ensure significant improvement in contact centre's productivity and customer satisfaction.
Inbound ACD  
Outbound Auto-Dialer  
IVR / Voice Portal  
Service-Desk / Help-Desk  
Email / Web based CC  
Campaign Optimization  
Voice Logger (IP/Digital)  
Payment Gateway  
CRM Integration  

Benefits of Contact Center
"Improve Productivity, Customer Experience, Business Intelligence, Lower cost-to-serve (TCO) & the support you need".

"Enhance your customer relationship with every interaction using Contact Center Technology"

Video conferencing
For years, video conferencing was perceived as a technology reserved for large enterprises with deep pockets and international workforces.
However, both small and midsized businesses can utilize video conferencing on a daily basis. Recent innovations such as cloud-based solutionss and virtualized infrastructure make deploying video conferencing easier and more affordable than ever before.
RealPresence Desktop  
RealPresence Room  
RealPresence Mobile  
RealPresence Software  
HD Telepresence  
Video Bridge (MCU)  
Video Streaming & Recording solutionss  
AVI Solutions
We design & consult AV solutionss for
Conference Room  
Interactive Training Room  
NOC (Network Operation Solution)  
RealPresence Software  
Audio Conferencing  
Data & Video Wall  
Large Format Display  
Lighting Control systems  
Paging & Background Music Systems  
Interactive Whiteboard  
Multimedia Projector  
Smart Learning Classroom  
"Telepresence Puts People at the Center of Collaboration"
Digital Signage
Why use Digital Signage?
Reach precisely defined audiences
         target day-part and location
Change messages easily and immediately
          digital content remotely managed
Increase sales and brand loyalty
          dynamic content commands attention
 Maximize the value of each sign
          one sign, many messages
 Ensure message compliance
          proof of execution
Benefits of Digital Signage
Real Time information Deliver  
Delivery schedule setting withtime frame and location  
Center Management and single operation contents delivery  
Connectivity with other IT system  
Availability to collaborate with various devices (ex. touch panel)  
Build brand  
Decrease perceived wait time & enhance customer experience  
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